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From: Cape Town

I believe that living a healthy lifestyle is more than just the food you eat, it is about your over all well-being. In saying that, I make a point to practice what I preach in my blog and YouTube, I try to create a realistic balance in everything I do. We all have those busy days, where eating clean can become difficult and it does test our discipline, but even so, I believe we are all on our own trajectory to becoming a better version of ourselves each day at a time.

I am very honest with myself and audience and I always make a point of saying that you should never compare yourself to another person, whether it be physically or mentally, as they are on their own journey and you should always be focused on yours and take it at your own pace.

I think I should be the “Next Fit Foodie” for Women’s Health because I want people including those who follow me to understand that this is a marathon, not a sprint and even when you make a small change in your work out or eating regime, it is a step in YOUR right direction. I have been diagnosed with PCOS and IBS and as a result I am lactose intolerant, but in my videos and recipes I tell my audience that they don’t need to follow my ingredients if they aren’t lactose-free, and I give them alternatives, because again, they have a different journey to me. I want women to be comfortable it the skin they are in, and to feel happy, physically, mentally and emotionally, and to be able to encourage women in this way is something I love to do, and I make it known through my recipes and YouTube videos. I cater for all different allergy types and try apply as many of those into my recipes so everyone can benefit form them.