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From: Johannesburg/Gauteng

There are many adjectives I can use to describe myself like tenacious, outgoing, hardworking, lateral thinker etc but instead of doing that let me tell you about who I really am and what I am passionate about.

Over the years I have tried many different things and I’ve now come to a stage where I can truly say I’ve found where my passions lie: in Education and Nutrition.

As a former teacher, current nutritional expert, recipe developer and a TV Chef. I have vast experience in both fields. Being an educator to me means so much more than just standing in front of people and talking it’s about empowerment and moulding minds to think bigger and better. To see what does not meet the eye at a first glance, to be happy within yourself and realize that your potential lies in the fact that whatever it is you can give to the world is enough. You are enough.

I am a TV Chef On DSTV 347 ITV and have a following of almost 10K on Instagram. I am particularly interested in being the Women’s Health Next Fit Foodie. I feel I can add to the already-wonderful platform it provides to so many.

At ShazEats I believe that my ethos aligns perfectly with those of Womens Health, Fit Foodie. My motivation will highlight why I believe in the natural synergy between the brands.

About Me: How ShazEats Sprung into Action
My 38th year came with at the crack of dawn on 21 January 2017. I did not know then, that this would be a year of change and growth for me. With a teaching background I understood the importance of a nurturing and positive environment, I also knew the importance of a stable and healthy foundation for anything to grow. At this juncture I was an art teacher with a passion for nutrition, fitness and a healthy lifestyle due to my journey towards being my best self which you can read on my website

This is where my journey began… by running 4 marathons and one ultra marathon Two Oceans 56km, I took a leap of faith and my lastborn ShazEats took on a life of its own.

Fast forward to 2018, another integral chapter in my memoir – the year my dreams and passions collided with reality.


Let’s get into the details:
Why Me?

As people are becoming more and more aware of “living their best lives,” they are turning to healthier decisions in their eating and way of life. Because of this and prominence in the marketplace I can help drive awareness to the healthy platform that Women’s Health offers. This mutually beneficial relationship will assist both our brands towards inspiring and motivating the modern, energetic, empowered and educated individual.

My brand-child ShazEats believes strongly in the importance of a solid foundation from the bottom up.

My ethos like yours focuses on the following aspects that govern ShazEats:
Quality service with only the freshest ingredients
Meal design – not only do our meals taste great but they look great too. I deliver the BEST
Values – Fairness, honesty and integrity. I provide services and meals that are rooted in these values.
Customer Service – my customer comes first and every decision is made with my clients in at the forefront
Innovation – ShazEats has given a new meaning to nutritional coaching and meal preparation.
Mean what you say and say what you mean.

Shaz the family woman:
“Family is the most important thing in the world,” Princess Diana.
As a mom to two beautiful girls, a wife to a supportive husband, a sister to doting siblings and a daughter to loving parents it would be tough not to acknowledge the role that family plays in our growth and wellbeing.

As a family we are no strangers to hardship and pain – we are also no strangers to resilience and believing in a positive outcome.

My second-born daughter Sara, was born blind. No doubt, this was tough on us as a family but with faith, perseverance and lots of prayer she now has the gift of sight. Something we all know not to take for granted. What for us is a simple sunrise or sunset, the simple blue of the sky or green of the grass to Sara is still nothing short of magical. Watching my baby girl see for the first time has been a family journey which made us closer, stronger and even more resilient.


Shaz the TV Personality:
Having hosted a show on iTV has given the brand prominence in the marketplace – ShazEats has become synonymous with nutrition, healthy living and good choices

To view the show please follow

I am inspired. I am Women’s Health FIT FOODIE
Shaz the Marketing Guru:
Beneficial, no doubt, is the marketing I gained over the years in creating positive sentiments in the marketplace. This includes Marketing and Communications Officer for Jozi X Training Multi-Sports Club. This position dealt with many aspects of marketing such as :
Produce press releases and manage media liaison
Develop media lists
Research and write content for media publications, newsletter and websites

Event Management for: Comrades, 2 Oceans, Iron Man, send off and award evenings
Actively increased Club Members to 256 in 2017 (This has made Jozi X the fastest growing Multi-Sports Club in Johannesburg)

Furthermore, as the Marketing Manager at Mandy Saks Lifestyle Specialist and Nutritionist it taught me how to responsibly devise and Implement advertising, public relations and social media strategies and presentations.

Shaz the Artist at Work:
I am endlessly fascinated by the story behind an artists work. Hours go by with me pondering over the artist’s intention, expression, medium used, colours and so forth. Art History is another facet to who I am and yet another facet and to why ShazEats fits in with the Women’s Health Fit Foodie brand like a carefully chosen puzzle piece.

Shaz the Social Influencer:
Brand Ambassador: De Longhi, Kenwood and Braun
Associated with: Nova Chocolate, O Nutricia Collagen, Youthful Living
Created own Brand: Nutrieats

The ShazEats social media stats speaks for itself:
9750 followers on instagram and counting

What ShazEats requires from Womens Health?
As the brands social media and television presence and viewing grows I am keen to set up brand synergies with like-minded brands.

ShazEats is a Proudly South African brand that is built on family values and aims to empower those associated with the brand. The freshest ingredients mixed with wholesome healthy recipes and fitness regimes are at the core of who I am.

I invite you to try a taste so good and healthy that my kitchen will feel like your home! Come on, let’s take this journey together. Hand-in-hand, side-by-side.