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From: Durban

I am a Remedial teacher by profession but I am also finishing off my qualification in Personal training & Nutrition. I have always been active but I haven’t always eaten healthily. If I take a look back over the last 10 years, I have come a LONG way!!! I wouldn’t say I had an eating disorder but I definitely come from a background of disordered eating. I am, however, extremely grateful for what I have been through because it has allowed me to merge my two loves: Teaching and Health & Fitness. Life is too short to live on chicken and broccoli! I would love nothing more than to educate others about this lifestyle, to prevent people (especially young women) from making the same mistakes that I made, to show everyone how easy following a healthy lifestyle is AND lastly, why they should do so!!! Ultimately, I would love to show people that they CAN have their cake and eat it!!!!